An interview with Tom Ebenhack about
his passion in creating this amazing model.


Adrian: Tom, you’ve created something very special here and I’d like to highlight your passion for other agents and where you plan on taking this amazing model.

Tom: My passion is to help people with whatever their needs are. When growing up I learned to care for Seniors as I watched my Dad take care of many friends of his parents as they grew older. That developed my heart for Seniors long before I became one myself! With Stepping Up! I have the opportunity to help Real Estate Agents develop a retirement that takes advantage of their years of hard work building up their business. We see too many agents simply walk away from this valuable asset.

Adrian: So where is this business going?

Tom: When we started 9 years ago, we only thought about taking care of one Realtor’s business. But then others started hearing about what we’d been doing and came to us asking if we’d consider working with them too. That quickly developed into what we know today as Stepping Up! I soon realized that there are no real Exit Strategies for most Realtors, so we created one for them that extracts the maximum value out of their business. And it’s been working great ever since. Then, other Team Leads started coming to me saying they had heard about what we were doing and wanted to be a part of it. That began my outreach to help others build a fabulous team similar to mine – helping even more agents than I could ever do alone with their Exit Strategies.

One of my business coaches says, “You owe it to the Real Estate Community to get this out!” And she’s right, I feel a burden to not let any more agents simply close their business or sell it for a few measly dollars. They deserve so much more after all the years of hard work! The other thing that came up with some of our Referring Agents is that many don’t want to just quit “cold turkey” from the business that has been a part of their lives for many years now. We can help with that too. We have options that can fit many agents!

Adrian: It was a no-brainer when I started hearing about this program because it’s so unique!

Watch the complete 20-minute interview!

Adrian Alejandro and his sister Leah Reeder are the Team Leads of the
Stepping Up! Team serving Sierra Vista, AZ.