That is where Sherie B was for 5 years! She was one of the top Realtors® in Southern Arizona. Her business had grown into a real asset as she approached the time to step back, and she wanted an Exit Strategy that would work. She had identified several prospective Realtors® who could take over her business. Sherie watched them closely for a couple years to see if she could find “the one”. However, one by one they dropped out of view for various reasons. So, she moved on to Plan B: start referring out some of her clients to agents in her office and see how they handled them.

We were fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of one of those referrals. When she witnessed firsthand how we took such good care of her referral, magic happened. We put a long-term plan in place that worked for Sherie. Now she is free to pursue other passions in her life, all while still generating income. It works for her clients too, as they maintain relationships with Sherie and forge new ones with us and the team. And it works for us! We are able to serve more clients, grow our businesses, and create something even better together.

It worked so well that other agents began to ask us what we were doing and if our plan could include others who wanted to downsize their involvement in the business. That’s when we knew we had something that others really needed. We personally witnessed how no one really knew how to get out of the business and reap the benefits of their labor of love over the years. And so this launched Stepping Up!®, the business that caters to Realtors® who are ready to step out of the daily responsibilities of real estate sales while still maintaining a revenue stream!

As for Sherie, it has been 8 years now and the magic is still happening! We graciously accept her referrals and care for her past clients. We get to take care of everything for our number one client while she enjoys the cash flow, and the time freedom to do as she pleases. Yet, she still gets to talk with her people, travel the world and truly just enjoy her social life!