Newsletter – February 2021

When IS The Right Time?

When the day comes to turn in your access key and step away from your business, that day should be the pinnacle of your career, the finishing touch to all you’ve accomplished over the years! It is cause for celebration and you deserve it!
Yet an Inman News study cites that 31% of agents do not even have a succession plan. We can easily see that as a valid number, many agents tell us they don’t have an exit strategy because they don’t know where to go for advice. Inman also states that of those agents that do have one, only half have actually accomplished any planning towards it. It just isn’t talked about in our industry! Amazing isn’t it?
So look, no one knows your situation better than you! No one knows exactly how you feel about the work you do today and how you see your future rolling out. And no one knows how prepared you are, or not, to step aside and retire. But you are reading this and that means you are considering your options. The first step is to start organizing a Succession Strategy. As you do so, here is one critical piece of advice. Don’t think like the typical Realtor® thinks, “I’m going to retire in a few years, so I will only work with the clients I love the most. I will cut back on marketing because I don’t want to handle the business I have now, so why create more?” Whether this is a conscious thought or not, it doesn’t matter. This can happen subconsciously, but the result is the same – your business and leads from your sphere drop off significantly and by the time you finally make the decision to turn your business over to someone else, there’s nothing left to turn over. In a few years you’ve lost the business you spent your whole career building up! It happens all the time. Your clients will move on!
Verl Workman of Workman Success Systems acknowledges that since many don’t have an exit strategy, “They just work until they can’t work anymore and then go away.” We hope this is not you. Don’t let that one last client push you over the edge before you have a plan.
We’ve learned a lot over the years while helping Realtors® with their future plans. Our hearts lean towards making sure agents don’t just walk away from their valuable business. That’s why Stepping Up! is here to assist with your succession planning whenever the time is right for you.
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I joined Stepping Up! as a Team Lead because I loved the idea of being able to help agents retain income that they deserve after years of dedication to their clients. It has been such a rewarding experience to watch agents truly living without worrying about their businesses that they worked so hard to create. I love to hear about the trips they are taking, the time they are spending on hobbies, time with family, etc, all while knowing they are still earning income. I have been in real estate for 21 years and there is no doubt that I will take full advantage of being a part of this system myself one day.

Heather Shallenberger  (Realtor®, CRS, GRI)