Are YOUR Retirement Savings Enough?  Who Knows?

Why not have another revenue stream?  Why not make your Exit Strategy be the pinnacle of your career?  The best thing you’ve ever done?  A cause for celebration?  The finishing touch to your wonderful real estate career?  You deserve it!

There are many exit strategies, but only a few really work.  Know your alternatives!

We wrote the book!  Literally, we just wrote a booklet titled, Stepping UP! An Exit Strategy for Realtors®.  We sincerely want to help.

In Stepping UP! An Exit Strategy for Realtors®, we cover the many options and take a deeper look at what does and does not work as you finish your real estate career.  We look at:

  • A relative or family member
  • Another agent or team member
  • Selling your business outright
  • Quitting and closing
  • Partnering with a team
  • And even how to avoid getting your business back
  • Plus, lots of other ideas and advice!

You can use our confidential email to order your free copy,, or call any of us.  We understand confidentiality and will keep your identity private!

Handling the Extra Volume

If you’re joining forces with another agent who is already very busy, how are they going to take care of your additional clients and volume?  And if they’re not already busy in this market, they’re probably not the person to take on the task.  You’re looking for someone who is successful now!

It’s not at all unusual to see a new Referral Agent’s business increase by even 60% the first year after joining a Stepping UP! Team.  Why?  Well, it seems the new synergy and marketing as a team makes a difference!  The marketing will add new life to your business and your sphere of influence will respond!  You can quit working and keep earning, sometimes with even greater sales!  So, whomever you choose to partner with, or take over your business, needs to have a team and systems that can handle double the volume, or even more.

Stepping UP! has focused on systems to handle the transaction workload for years.  We’re now using sophisticated Transaction Management Systems and Client Relationship Managers so we don’t miss those critical dates and those important contacts.  It works!

Picture Yourself Here

 The typical “retiring” agent simply allows his or her business to taper off in their last few years, only working their favorite clients – the easy ones. That’s a lot of business lost over a couple years’ time. Let us work those “no fun” ones and you keep the easy ones if you’d like. Then, when you’re finally ready to step out completely, or if you’re traveling and can’t work someone, we’ll cover for you. You’ll find our “family” attitude very accommodating.

But I’m already mentoring my replacement!  Great!  That’s the best plan out there.  But talk to us anyway, we may be able to help you plan and train, and we will assist in putting together your “B Plan” just in case it doesn’t work out.  After all that work, you certainly don’t want that business back again!

Tom Ebenhack, Long Realty Company

We’ve assisted more than 14 agents so far!

Last year I decided to join the Stepping UP! program.  It’s been a fun year for me and I enjoy being a part of the TEAM.  I still enjoy talking with clients, being a part of their lives, and yet I don’t have to tend to the details – NO paperwork!  And I still receive a check!                   

Jerry Hancock, Long Realty

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