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Stepping Up!®

Our Passion is to see Realtors® achieve their retirement dreams. After all, everybody will be there someday. Some sooner than later. We believe Realtors® should have the freedom to be involved in the real estate community at whatever level they desire while maintaining an income generating retirement with the freedom to achieve their own individual dreams! That’s why we are so passionate about this subject!
We have many great Realtors® associated with our Stepping Up! Teams who have their hearts focused on helping other agents achieve this desire. Many agents are rapidly approaching that magical time of life, yet without a plan in place. If that’s you, this book is for you. We’ll help you understand what works, why, and how you can Step Up into your retirement now. Together, we can make this happen!

Turn Your Dreams into Reality!

When I first sat down with Tom Ebenhack to learn about Stepping Up! I thought how ingenious. There are so many successful agents on the verge of retirement and what a unique opportunity for those agents to capitalize on all the years of hard work! I feel a responsibility to share these possibilities with the Realtors in our community so they can make an educated decision as they move toward retirement! Partnering with Tucson REAL Producers is a great fit!

Delilah Royce

(Publisher, Real Producers Magazine)